Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Policy for Protective equipment


Loughborough Town Cricket Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members.  We have set up the following guidelines for the use of personal protective equipment.

All young players (up to age 18) shall wear a helmet* when batting and when standing up to the stumps when keeping wicket against a hard ball in cricket matches and practice.

Loughborough Town Cricket Club recommends that senior players wear helmets*.

All players should regard a helmet* with a face guard as a normal item of protective equipment when batting against a hard ball, together with pads, gloves and an abdominal protector box for both males and females.

If fielding in close it is recommended that helmets* and protective boxes are worn and if available shin pads.

Loughborough Town Cricket Club committee therefore recommends that all young players have a helmet* of their own. However, the club will provide a helmet* for use by any young players who do not have their own, in the same way that it will provide other equipment such as pads, gloves, bats etc.

All players shall have their own abdominal protector or ‘box’.

All questions in relation to this Policy should go to a Team Manager.

The Club actively promotes England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB’s) strategies linked to protective equipment through the implementation of this Policy.


* Loughborough Town Cricket Club recommends that all helmets should conform to British Standard BS 7928: 1998 and wicketkeeper face protectors should conform to British Standard BS7929 – 2 :2009