Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Policy for Junior coaching during covid-19



These guidelines currently apply to England only, and have been produced in line with the UK Government guidance on public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise published on 01 June 2020, which can be read here. 

• The purpose of these guidelines is to assist coaches in creating as safe an environment as possible for players returning to play during the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. 

• Whilst all coaches and players will be extremely keen to start playing it is imperative that coaches set an example and follow these guidelines to ensure that the risk of infection/transmission of the virus is minimised. 

• These guidelines cannot cover every eventuality and coaches must conduct a risk assessment, ensuring appropriate measures are put in place to keep participants and coaches safe. 

• Playing and coaching cricket in itself carries some degree of risk and whilst being mindful of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, coaches should not lose sight of the normal safety rules relating to playing and coaching cricket which continue to apply and must be complied with (DBS, safeguarding, First Aid etc). 

• Coaches should make themselves aware of and abide by, all guidelines set out by the UK Government, the venue and ECB regarding use of facilities. 

• It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that they coach players in a safe environment and follow relevant guidelines. 

• Only one-to-one coaching and small group (one-to-five) coaching is permitted 

• Alongside these guidelines, coaches should read the information published by Sport England, and specifically their Q&A section. 

Coaches should remember the following key principles: 

• Follow all COVID-19 guidelines established by the UK Government.
• Follow all COVID-19 guidelines established by the venue. 

• Follow all COVID-19 guidelines established by ECB. 

Before a session 

• Avoid excessive travel to different venues, cycle or drive where possible and avoid public transport if you can. 

• Coach to conduct a full risk assessment of the venue in advance of the coaching session.
• Coach to ensure they have access to hand sanitiser/alcohol wipes/washing up liquid.
• Establish a quarantined waiting area for parents. 

• Coach to ensure all surfaces are clean and equipment is washed with soapy water and dried completely prior to use – with electronic bowling machine cleaned with suitable dry cleaning products. 

• Coaching sessions should be booked and paid for in advance by bank transfer or contactless card payment – no cash transactions.

• Coach to explain the safety guidelines of what is expected pre, during and post session including what the player is expected to do to maintain compliance with social distancing guidelines and all other health and safety guidelines. 

• Only one-to-one sessions or small group sessions are permitted (up to one-to five). 

During the session – Outdoors only 

• Maintain a minimum of two metres apart to meet social distancing requirements including during observed sessions (no handshakes). 

• Ensure all health and safety and emergency first aid guidelines are followed. 

• Players must provide their own equipment if possible, and this must be kept in a zipped bag when not in use. 

• Coach is responsible for collecting all of their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment if possible. 

• Player is responsible for collecting all their own equipment/kit – do not share equipment if possible. 

• Player(s) are responsible for ensuring they have their own refreshments and/or food.
• Schedule sessions at least 10 minutes apart to avoid or limit any crossover of players.
• Avoid high intensity physical exercise where possible. 

• If it is a bowling session, player to use their own balls or coach to use plastic balls which have been washed/dried prior to the session – batters to knock or kick ball back to the bowler and not throw it as usual – the batter should not handle the balls. 

• Coach to ensure they have appropriate hand coverings (mitt or gloves) when handling the ball during any skill sessions including when feeding the bowling machine. Where bowling machines are used please ensure they are cleaned thoroughly between uses with dry cleaning products and that all balls used are cleaned with disinfectant. This is the responsibility of the bowling machine operator. 

• We recommend that coaches avoid sharing balls and other equipment wherever possible and strong hand hygiene should be practiced before, during and after sessions. 

After the session 

• Players and coaches to wash/sanitise their hands before and after the session. 

• Video may be recorded during the session but should not be analysed at the time with the players. This may be sent to the player after the session with coaching notes. 

• Players leaving a session must maintain a distance of two metres from other players or coaches as they leave the session.

Remember: No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time. 


Further advice is available at the GOV.UK and Sport England websites. You must regularly check these sites and updated ECB guidance as this policy position is likely to change over time and could also become more regionalised and localised as time progresses. 

If you have any further questions, please contact ECB’s facilities team