Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Covid risk assessment


Cricket during Covid-19 pandemic - July 2020

What are the hazards?

Transmission of COVID-19

Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers, visitors and the wider community


People Management and Communication

Controls required

Action taken by club

Self-screening of individuals before they arrive at the venue to ensure individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend.

All visitors are advised via club communications prior to their visit that should they have any symptoms of Covid-19 they should not visit the ground.

An assessment of user numbers, space capacities, venue circulation and layout planning to maintain social distancing.

External furniture to be rearranged to comply with the 2-metre (6.5 foot) gap recommended by the Public Health Agency assets practice.

A plan for where parents and players will sit whilst watching cricket activities.

Same as above.

Signage and communication so that all participants and visitors are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Guidelines for the visitors will be placed on website. Members of the club will be informed of this by email/FB/Twitter. The opposition teams will also be informed and asked to inform any of their members. Signs will also be put on the entrance to the ground.

Staff and volunteer training to support the implementation of the plan, with suitable training records.

Staff will be trained on all the guidelines of the club. Covid-19 First aid updated. Cleaning training and all logs kept.



Controls required

Action taken by club

Assess ventilation in your building (natural and mechanical) and take appropriate measures to maximise ventilation and minimise risk of transmission.

2 Doors to be kept open to allow for ventilation.

Assess the maximum occupancy of your rooms at 2m social distancing (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not possible) and establish a suitable circulation system/one-way system.Use signage and floor markings to communicate this.

Redesigning processes to ensure social distancing in place. Clubhouse layout adjusted to support one-way system including guidance for social distancing in the form of floor and other signage.

Assess the arrangement of seating areas to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk of transmission.

Seating area to be designed to ensure social distancing in place.

Consider your wet weather plans and describe what actions you will take to maintain social distancing in wet weather.

Visitors will be advised to return to their cars to maintain social distancing. Guidelines for visitors can be found on the website and will also be placed at the entrance to the club.


Social and hospitality areas

Controls required

Action taken by club

Plan to solicit and maintain records of your member attendance, customers and visitors - to be maintained for 21 days and then destroyed.

Visitors will be asked to Text their name to the club mobile. This will be kept secure in line with GDPR and deleted after 21 days. The visitors can access our privacy notice on the website.

Identification of suitable areas for outdoor service that don’t overlap with cricket activity.

A table at the side of the clubhouse on the patio selling drinks. No access to the clubhouse needed.

Potential for a barbeque also on the patio.

Steps taken to minimise time and the number of people at the bar.

Serving drinks in bottles and cans only (no draught) where possible bottles will be screw tops. Where needed plastic glasses will be use instead of glass. Bins will be spread around the ground to collect the waste.

Steps taken to minimise contact points at payment or around the hospitality space.

All payments to be taken via credit card (contactless where possible). The club has a wireless credit card machine.

Suitable PPE provision and training for staff and volunteers.


Staff will be provided with disposable gloves, masks, eye protection and disposable aprons. They will be trained in proper donning and doffing of the PPE.

Strategy for the safe serving, clearing and cleaning of glassware and tableware.

All drinks to be bought at the serving table and there will be signs around the ground asking people to dispose of their own rubbish in the bins provided. No glassware will be used only plastics. In the future if a barbeque is provided this will be served on disposable plates with disposable cutlery.

Deep cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk


Even though the clubhouse will not be in use at the moment the entire clubhouse and BOH areas have had a thorough deep clean with sanitizer.

Daily cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.


Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, toilets using appropriate cleaning products provided and paper towels which should then be placed in bin. All documented on a cleaning log.

High-frequency touchpoint cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk and how you will keep records.

These will be cleaned every hour when club is open and documented on a cleaning log.


Hygiene and cleaning

Controls required

Action taken by club

Materials, PPE and training that you have provided to your staff for effective cleaning.

Disinfecting materials will be provided following guidelines and COSHH rules. Staff will be provided with disposable gloves, masks, eye protection and disposable aprons. They will be trained in proper donning and doffing of the PPE.

Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels and bin.

All toilets will contain signage reinforcing good hand hygiene and will contain supplies of soap and hot water. Paper towels will be provided.

Provision of suitable hand sanitiser in locations around the facility to maintain frequent hand sanitisation.

Hand sanitizer will be accessible for all visitors. Sanitizer stations will contain clear signage on safe use to reinforce hand hygiene protocols - Sanitiser supplies will be regularly checked and topped up by club staff during opening times.


Provision of suitable wipes and hand sanitiser on the field for hygiene breaks.

Hand sanitizer will be available for the players and umpire. Wipes and disposable gloves will be available for cleaning of the ball. The wipes and gloves will be disposed of in a pedal bin.


What are the hazards?

Other venue hazards to be considered after temporary closure such as Legionnaire’s Disease, fire, electrical safety etc.

Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors


Preparing buidings

Controls required

Action taken by club

Consider the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and carry out necessary work to make your water supply safe for users.Refer to the specific guidance in the document above.

All water lines flushed. No stored water.

Check that routine maintenance has not been missed and certification is up to date (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety and Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Safety, Lifts and Heating – Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

In Progress

Check that your ground is ready and safe to play.Look at what work is required and how this can be done safely at a social distance.

All has been maintained


What are the hazards?

Vital first aid equipment is not available when needed.First aiders do not have adequate PPE to carry out first aid when required.

Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors


First aid

Controls required

Action taken by club

Check that your first aid kits are stocked and accessible during all activity.

First Aid kit checked. This is found at the clubhouse and signage displayed.

Changing room to be used if needed in case of any accidents.

What steps have you taken to improve your first aiders’ understanding of first aid provision under COVID-19?

First Aiders have done a Covid-19 update through St John’s Ambulance site and resus. Council. Adequate PPE supplied for first aiders during Covid-19 sealed mask, gloves, apron etc

If you have an AED then check that it is in working order, service is up to date and that it is available during all activity.

Nearest AED has been communicated on the guidelines



What are the hazards?

Pitches or outfield are unsafe to play on

Who might be harmed?

Players, officials, ground staff


Preparing the ground

Controls required

Action taken by club

Safety checks on machinery, sightscreens and covers.

All has been maintained during the summer

Check and repair of any damage to pitches and outfields.

All Checked and in good condition.

Surfaces checked and watering regime adjusted based on lack of rainfall.

The square watered when necessary.


Playing Cricket



Risk or Hazard

Control measure

Risk Level

Player has Covid-19

  • Players advised by LTCC of the symptoms of Covid-19
  • Player checks for symptoms of Covid-19 and is not living in household with possible Covid-19 infection
  • Player completes ‘online’ declaration for each session
  • Player should avoid public transport to Park Road
  • Players not in same household arrive separately


Contamination on entry

  • Players advised time to arrive to stop congregation
  • Training areas zoned
  • Both Gates Open
  • Social distancing at all times
  • Hand hygiene advised

Very Low

Contamination during Playing

  • Hand sanitiser available for use before/during/after
  • No saliva or sweat on ball at any time
  • Changing room & Clubhouse locked
  • Club representative on site to ensure correct procedures being maintained
  • See Players’ Guidelines
  • See Umpires’ Guidelines
  • See Scorers’ Guidelines
  • See Captain’s Guidelines
  • See Spectators’/Visitors’ Guidelines


Contamination of Net Area

  • Net poles wiped down at end of each session
  • Stumps wiped down at end each session
  • Adequate PPE available and training given on its use

Very Low

Contamination on Departure

  • Players leave immediately at end of session
  • Use hand sanitiser before departure
  • Social distancing at all times
  • Player washes hands at home

Very Low