Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Covid guidelines for Captains




At the Toss

Captains will be advised of their responsibilities for directing their team on and agree the following:

  1. No sweat or saliva on the ball is allowed
  2. Players to maintain social distance at all times.
  3. Ball to be returned directly to the bowler (On the full or rolled along the ground) 
  4. Not to remake the wicket once the ball has become dead, this is the role of the umpire.
  5. Players to ensure that any drinks, sweaters or other paraphernalia to be placed at least 1m from boundary edge where at all possible.
  6. Players understand the batting lines.
  7. Hygiene breaks will take place every 6 overs or 20 minutes whichever is sooner (A wicket break can be used to restart the process). 

Captains should be made aware that any breach of the above could result in a first and final warning and any subsequent transgression will result in the award of 5 penalty runs.

During Play 

Umpires will not deliberately come into contact with the ball. 

Any breach of 1-7 above, will result in a first and final warning, under Law 41. If deemed Unacceptable Conduct, penalties under Law 42 shall apply.

A player intentionally moving within 1 metre of anyone else for non-cricketing purposes will be treated as a Level 3 offence 

A player intentionally spitting or coughing at and within 2 metres of, another person will be treated as a Level 4 offence 

After Play 

Umpires are to leave the stumps in the ground, bails on the ground (if they’re not their own) next to the stumps and leave bowling markers for the Club Representative to collect.