Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Covid guidelines for Players




The following guidelines indicate the key changes necessary to your normal match day routine. You should be aware that prior to the game, for an away fixture, your contact details will have been sent to the opposition to enable ‘track and trace’ if necessary. This will be a single telephone number and will be destroyed 21 days later. For home fixture please fill in the normal Covid form as for training through the LTCC Website. The opposition Team will be asked to do the same.

Though all precautions are being taken at the club there is an increase in transmission risk associated with partaking in the cricket game, you participate at your own risk.

  • If you, or any member of your household, has a possible Covid-19 infection you should remain at home and inform the Captain.
  • You must be changed before you leave home and in addition to your normal equipment you need food (no tea provided); drinks (no drinks provided) and hand sanitiser.
  • You must travel in your own car (no car sharing) and avoid public transport if at all possible.
  • On arriving at the ground leave any valuables in the car (The scorer is not allowed to keep them!)
  • Follow all instructions as to the area to leave you kit. Social distancing must be maintained at all times. All activity must take place outdoors only and Changing Rooms are not to be used, but toilets will be available.
  • There will be no teas provided on the day.
  • The actual game will take place as ‘normal’, with the following changes to normal routines;
    • Hand sanitise before going to field, and also after fielding.
    • Remain socially distanced (1m+) at all times. (wicketkeeper & slips)
    • Do not hand anything to the umpire.
    • On the fall of a wicket or a break the ball is placed at the base of the stumps.
    • Do not touch the stumps or bails.
    • No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time (note this is different to Test Matches which do allow sweat).
    • Every 6 overs or every 20 minutes there is a ‘hygiene break’ whilst you hand sanitise and the ball is cleaned.
    • The ball must be immediately returned to the bowler, not thrown to each other.
    • Batters should clean their bat and wicket keepers sanitise their gloves when leaving the field of play.
    • Batters should run outside the distinct running lines marked 2m away from the pitch.
    • Social distancing must be maintained on the fall of a wicket….no high fives.
    • Social distancing must be maintained at the end of the game – no handshakes.
    • Spectators are not allowed to touch the ball. You have to retrieve it from behind the boundary or from a hedge! Politely shout to any spectator who looks likely to help.
  • When it rains, social distancing should be maintained when putting on the covers.
  • When it rains you should return to your own car until play resumes.
  • First Aid box is in the clubhouse with masks and gloves for Covid-19
  • AED located at Loughborough Leisure Centre on Brown’s Lane
  • Spectators – We welcome friends or family as spectators, however, please remind them to socially distance and not to touch the ball at any time. They must not attend if they display any symptoms.  Please remind them to bring their own supplies of sanitiser.


  • At the end of the game Social Activity is allowed in line with Government guidance on hospitality….so do enjoy a drink…you will have deserved it.