Loughborough Town Cricket Club - Covid guidelines for Umpires




Before the Game

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 do not travel to the game and get a test.

Officials are encouraged to follow best practice for travel including avoiding use of car sharing and you should arrive changed. 

Please ensure that you bring your own hand sanitiser and food and drink as the clubhouse may not be open. 

On arrival at the ground you will need to provide your name & contact details for NHS Test & Trace. 

The host club are responsible for the implementation of all facility guidelines (including the scorebox) as well as the provision of hand sanitation gel.

The host club are responsible for setting up the stumps which should also have been sanitised; the umpire is responsible for the provision of the bails.

To maintain social distancing, batting lines will be created. 

All officials are encouraged to wash their hands/hand sanitise before play starts

During the game

Umpires should remain socially distant from others at all times and specifically: 

  • At the toss
  • When interacting with any players 
  • When interacting with other officials 
  • During any interval or break in play 

Umpires will ensure that all players maintain social distancing during the match and in particular, when players are fielding, discussing tactics, having refreshments or celebrating the fall of a wicket. Batters must remain on their lines.

No sweat or saliva on the ball is allowed under any circumstances.

Umpires will not deliberately touch the ball at all during play.

The ball will be returned direct to the bowler either on the full or rolled along the ground. It should not be passed around the field. 

The umpires will not collect the ball at a fall of a wicket or at any breaks; instead, the ball will be returned to the base of the stumps.

Only umpires should replace bails and remake the wicket including after any attempted stumpings or run outs.

Umpires will not provide bowlers markers or cloths for drying the ball. 

Players will be required to sanitise their hands after every 6 overs or 20 minutes whichever is shorter; the umpires should call “time” after every 6 overs or 20 minutes to facilitate this.

At each break, it will be the responsibility of the fielding Captain to sanitise the ball before play recommences. The umpires should ensure that this happens and manage these breaks by waiting until the end of the over or a fall of a wicket. 

The umpires should sanitise their own hands at every drinks or innings break and after every contact with stumps or bails. 

Umpires will not hold any item of players clothing or sunglasses. They will need to place these themselves beyond the boundary. 

There is no requirement for officials to wear any form of PPE although some individuals may wish to do so.

Scientific research has shown that there is a minimal risk of infection when the bowler fleetingly passes the umpire so there is no need for the bowler’s end umpire to change his normal position or to move into position once the bowler has passed by. 

Bowlers returning to their mark should maintain social distancing when passing the umpire. 

Bowlers should maintain social distancing when making any appeals.

If a walkie-talkie is being used, usage should be kept to a minimum and only used by one of the two umpires. The equipment should be sanitised before use. 

In the event of rain, umpires must remove the stumps and bails before the covers are pulled on. Umpires should return to their own vehicle if there is insufficient outdoor cover from the rain to maintain social distancing.